FBI Instructor Development Course

Course Description:

March 28- April 1, 2011

Course is for those who have or may have the responsibility of designing, implementing and instructing law enforcement

officers. It is a must for FTOs, departmental instructors, training supervisor, etc. More and more liability and court issues are asking questions about training. A well-trained, certified instructor is a must.

Course topics include:

Developing of lesion guides per APOSTC requirements

Documentation of training


Research of lesson guides

Instructional techniques

Dealing with problem students

Writing job tasks analysis, instructional objectives, etc.

Much, much more

Point of Contact:
Ronnie Lay
Cost and Details:
Cost: $100.00
Upcoming Dates:

3/28 to 4/1 (8 am) - Click here to register
  (46 spaces available)