Basic SWAT School

Course Description:

Oct. 2 - 6, 2017

This course will give the student the basic instruction and skills in pre-raid planning, execution of dynamic entries, slow and methodical searches, building searches, use of distraction devices. This course will also cover the use of long-arms and handguns in tactical situations.

Instructor: Jefferson County Sheriff’s SWAT Team


Point of Contact:
R Lay
Cost and Details:
 Cost: $250.00

The following is a list of equipment/ammo requirements:

· BDU’s or Utility Uniform

· Boots

· Gloves

· Kevlar Helmet and/or Utility Cap

· Raid Vest

· Eye Protection

· Gas Mask

· Web Gear

· Handgun w/minimum of 3 magazines

· Sub-machine gun or long gun* w/minimum of 3 magazines

· Canteen or Camel Bak Hydration System

· 500 rounds handgun ammunition

· 500 rounds SMG or long gun ammunition

· Rain gear or poncho

· Long gun should be AR-15, M-16, M4, Mini 14 or subgun

The Basic SWAT School scheduled for May 19-23 will have to have a minimum of 18 students for us to proceed with the class. Any less and it will be cancelled. 

If you have registered and the class is cancelled we will place you at the front of the line in the next basic SWAT School.


Upcoming Dates:

10/2 to 10/6 (8am) - Click here to register
  (15 spaces available)